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Tarbell, Realtors is always ready to help their clients make the most of their real estate investments, and Tarbell team members across the Southland are prepared to work with clients at every stage of life.

“Agents often say how much they enjoy working with first-time buyers,” said Tarbell President Joe McGowan, “but they find it’s even more rewarding to work with clients at the other end of the journey.  Many of our clients are facing the changes and challenges of their retirement years, and we are committed to serving their particular needs.  When downsizing is the next step, our team can make sure the client finds it personally and financially liberating!”

McGowan says letting go of the burden of unused square footage has a positive impact on leisure time, stress, and the bottom line. “You’ve created wonderful memories in your family home, raised a family, and experienced a full life,” he mused.  “But the kids are grown now, you’ve retired, and you’re ready to embrace a lifestyle without the responsibilities and expenses of taking care of a large home.”

“It is simply easier and less expensive to maintain a smaller home.” 

McGowan pointed out a few of the advantages of downsizing.  “You’ll discover the pleasures of increased leisure time when you aren’t buried under a mountain of home maintenance chores.  Less effort cleaning and repairing equals more time with friends and family, more time for the things you love to do, and more time for taking care of yourself.”  He added, “When you stop paying to heat and air condition rooms you don’t use, you will notice immediate savings in energy consumption.  Imagine how much a smaller yard will save in water costs!”

There are tax benefits, too. Thanks to Propositions 60 and 90, California’s 55+ residents can file for protection from higher property taxes and may be able take their current tax rate with them when they downsize, warding off a dramatic change in their taxes and safeguarding the value of their investment.  Proposition 60 allows transfers of base year values within the same county.  Proposition 90 allows transfers from one California county to another.

McGowan said, “We can help clients sell their home and help them relocate to a home that suits their current needs. Our agents are professional, skillful, and knowledgeable and they are willing to go the extra mile to make sure their clients’ needs are satisfied beyond expectation.” The Tarbell Family of Realtors features agents diverse in heritage and culture, and speaking a wide range of languages.

When it’s time to discover the benefits of downsizing to a more manageable residence, contact the experts at Tarbell, Realtors. Go to TARBELL.COM or call 1-800-TAR-BELL for more information.  Tarbell team members provide outstanding real estate services from an extensive network of local offices, all with global reach and exposure.

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