Korin Ekizian Fits in at Tarbell’s Anaheim Hills Office

Ekizian, Korin - welcome

Introducing Korin Ekizian to Tarbell Anaheim Hills

Tarbell, Realtors is proud to announce that Korin Ekizian has joined the Tarbell Family of Realtors. Anaheim Hills Branch Manager Sandy Garcia-Ekizian is Korin’s mother.  “I was thrilled when Korin decided to get her real estate license,” Sandy said.  “To be a success in this industry takes a very positive person who isn’t afraid to work hard.  I know that Korin has those attributes and that she will be a wonderful asset to Tarbell and the Anaheim Hills team.”

Korin graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. Prior to launching her real estate career, she was the manager of a retail boutique in Tustin, which she co-owns with her mother and sister.

Korin said she joined the Anaheim Hills team in large part because she knows how well she works with her mother. “I thought it would be a great benefit for my clients if I worked with my mom.  She’s an amazing mentor who has a way of inspiring everyone around her to be at their very best.  I know that with her guidance, I will be the kind of real estate professional people come back to again and again.”

Clients Enjoy Family-Style Service

Since she has already been involved in a family-owned business, Korin was particularly interested in being a Tarbell agent. She said, “There is a certain joy that comes from being part of a family-owned business.  You take great pride in serving your clients, as if they were family too.”

Her slogan, “Happy Home Happy Health,” reflects her belief that environment, attitude, and health all go hand in hand. “Everyone should have a place to call home.  Having a career in real estate affords me the opportunity to be a part of the important decisions that can make that dream come true.”

In describing the importance of providing superior customer service, Korin quotes American entrepreneur Marshall Field: “Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy.”

Korin has a passion for fitness and has competed in two bodybuilding shows. She also enjoys working with the elderly, and spends time at senior centers that serve people with Alzheimer’s.  “The guests have such amazing stories to tell,” she said, “and I always enjoy listening.”

Contact Korin   Contact REALTOR® Korin Ekizian for all your real estate needs.  Call (559) 356-3079 or email KorinEkizian@tarbell.com.  License #02040482.

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